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Who Are We

QuickConnectMD is a reliable digital network of medical providers. Our mission is to empower patients and provide innovative, secure virtual care management to deliver patients the care they need when they need it and are affordable, convenient, and provider-friendly! Round the clock (24/7/365)

QuickConnectMD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Synapse Virtual Care management Inc.

We are committed to providing 100% safe and secure and affordable health care services to our patients. Our doctor panel consists of eminent medical practitioners, physicians, and researchers and who work day and night to innovate, create and implement the best medical virtual care assistance for consumers and businesses.

QuickConnectMD is equipped with state of the art facilities to provide appropriate medical assistance with the help of a qualified and competent medical team. To ensure patients get the best care possible. Our selected doctors are from the top 50 U.S. medical institutions. In which every physician goes through an extensive interview process and is all U.S. board-certified.

QuickConnectMD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Synapse Virtual Care management Inc.

We offer solutions for:

  • Families
  • Employers
  • Non-employer groups
  • Resellers

Health Plans

Since telehealth’s demand is increasing by the day, all health care plans must embrace telehealth solutions for remaining competitive. QuickConnectMD works closely with you to help you design, scale, and customize telehealth solutions for minimizing risks and costs. Now you can provide your members with affordable and high-quality access to healthcare.

Health Systems

Our technology allows our clients to deliver the right care at the right time. Delivering exclusive end-to-end virtual care solutions can help your organization develop a holistic digital front-door strategy. Your health care system can remove barriers between your services and your patients while reducing costs.